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Boy Scouts Sexual Abuse Help


Boy Scouts Settlement Urgent Announcement

If you are here it likely means you, or a loved one, were subjected to abuse at the hands of people that betrayed trust, after pledging to serve with honor and distinction. We want to first of all, express to you, our deep empathy, and support. You were harmed, and we are here to help. Boy Scouts sexual abuse cannot be tolerated and the perpetrators must face justice before they injure others.

Please submit the form to determine your eligibility for compensation for abuse. All information will be kept highly confidential and handled with discretion by our trained intake counselors. Please fill out the form or call (814) 430-3846.

A sacred pledge was broken. But you have survived, in spite of it all. Now the Boy Scouts of America, has filed for bankruptcy in an apparent attempt to dodge responsibility for the actions of leaders who harmed many. Don’t delay.

IPG Law Group and associates have been providing advocacy services for personal, mass tort cases for over 20 years. We match those who need help with the legal assistance they deserve.


Because the Boy Scouts of America have filed for bankruptcy it is important that you do not wait to learn if you are potentially eligible for compensation.

“Stealthily, in thousands of pages of documents filed in the dark of night, the Boy Scouts of America has planted the first seeds for a bankruptcy that is expected to grow into a dramatic and expansive fight.” – USA Today

LEARN YOUR RIGHTS – ACT NOW | Call (814) 430-3846

Boy Scouts Betrayed

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