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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Mortgage Help

Many homeowners are affected by the devastating impact of coronavirus, or COVID-19. The IPG Law Group is here to help. Our staff will navigate you through the mortgage relief process and address other financial challenges you may have due to COVID-19.

Small Business Loan Help

If your small business has been negatively affected by Coronavirus / COVID-19, the IPG Law Group offers the financial help YOU need. We offer a complete package meeting all of the bank's requirements, compliant with all regulations. We will work to get the financial support you need.​


IPG Law Group will help with Personal and Institutional Injury. Personal Injury Law is one that is dynamic, with changes constant changes that may impact your case. We handling everything: - Litigation - Workman's Compensation - Class Action


Boy Scouts Abuse Help

A Trust Betrayed

If you or a loved one, were subjected to sexual abuse at the hands of Boy Scout leaders that betrayed a sacred trust,  we want to express our deep empathy, and support. You were harmed, and we are here to help. Boy Scouts sexual abuse cannot be tolerated and the perpetrators must face justice before they injure others.

The Clock Is Ticking – Don’t Get Left Behind

The Boy Scouts of America has filed for bankruptcy in an apparent attempt to dodge responsibility for the actions of leaders who harmed many. Don’t delay. It is important that you do not wait to learn if you are potentially eligible for compensation.

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