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Covid-19 Compensation Fund

ERC 33 Cares Act

Compensation Fund for COVID-19 Victims

Many people may not be aware that the government recently established a fund to compensate the families of individuals that died of COVID-19 by providing death benefits, lost wages and assistance with medical bills.

IPG Law Groups, LLC, a highly experienced firm of clinician attorneys and victim’s rights advocates, has assembled a team to assist the families of COVID-19 victims during the limited period that the government is accepting applications.


Never an up front charge. IPG Law will only receive funds if your case results in a benefit. IPG Law’s team will handle all aspects of your case and work for you to get the maximum benefit.

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CICP Claim Form

The U.S. Government is currently accepting Request for Benefits applications for the CICP Program from the families of individuals that died of COVID-19 during 2020 and 2021. Importantly, applications to the CICP Program are only being accepted for a limited time. To be eligible, families of COVID-19 victims must apply for benefits within 1-year of the administration of a covered countermeasure.

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