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Breaking News - Compensation Fund for Covid Victims

The U.S. government recently established a fund to compensate the families of individuals that died of COVID-19 by providing death benefits, lost wages and assistance with medical bills. This information is time sensitive. Don't delay. Compensation could be as much as $300,000 from this Covid emergency relief program.

Small Business Loan Help

If your small business has been negatively affected by Coronavirus / COVID-19, the IPG Law Group offers the financial help YOU need. We offer a complete package meeting all of the bank's requirements, compliant with all regulations. We will work to get the financial support you need.

Small Business Assistance

We offer a complete package meeting all of the bank’s requirements, compliant with all regulations.

Why Use the IPG Law Group:

There may be lower fee options, but they do not take the responsibilities a law firm can. We will work with you and other agencies to get your financial support. Your risk is GREATLY reduced. If there is a problem or legal issue, we take the responsibility to rectify it, with your help. Be careful, there are those taking advantage of businesses. Your company is too important to rely on “fly by night” firms eliminating your needed financial support.

1. Economic Injury Disaster Loan Program. Up to a $2 Million Loan.

2. Paycheck Protection – Low-interest fully or partially forgiven loans.

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