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How to file a child sexual abuse claim against the Boyscout of America


The damages caused by child sexual abuse are often long-lasting and traumatic especially when the predator is someone the victim trust and look up to. The Boyscout of America is under fire as many scout members are now filling child sexual abuse lawsuits against them. The organization has been accused of creating an environment for pedophiles to target their victims, and keeping records of abusers who took advantage of many children over the years.  Also, the organization is held responsible for not protecting the children placed under their care thereby betraying the trust of many parents. In a bid to protect themselves, the Boyscout of America has recently; filled for bankruptcy. Therefore, victims of sexual abuse in Boyscout of America are advised to file their claims before or on the 16th of November 2020. This will enable them to receive compensation through the Boyscout victim fund.

Holding Scoutmasters and volunteers accountable for their actions and compensating the victims for the psychological and physical trauma they suffer can help them overcome some of these traumas and move forward in life. Also, it will help them feel satisfied as justice is finally been served. More so, coming forward and speaking your truth can help other victims who are still suffering from sexual abuse trauma to voice out. Thousands of children have suffered from child sexual abuse while in the organization therefore you are not alone.

Who is eligible to file a claim?

Have you ever been touch by a scoutmaster inappropriately? Or ask to watch pornography, participate in any form of sexual act by your leader while in the Boyscout organization? If yes, you eligible to file a claim before the 16th of November 2020. Such acts as broken the organization code of conduct and sentence the children to health and emotional problems. Therefore, the organization needs to pay damages for illicit misconduct. Also, the type of abuse, when it occurs and the abuser doesn’t matter.

How do I file a claim?

You only need to fill the sexual abuse survivor proof of claim form. The form is available electronically on the sexual abuse claim website. After filling the form you can submit it online or mail it to the right office. Here are some of the information you will fill out in the form

  • Your name, educational background, and address
  • Boyscout history
  • Who abused you, when and how the abuse happens
  • The trauma (physical, psychological or mental) you went through after the abuse
  • How the abuse affects your life and many more

This information will be used by the court and counsel to determine the legal merit you deserve in the court. And if your claim is denied, you can file for another claim through a personal injury lawyer. Also, if your claim is accepted, you are eligible to receive compensation from the sexual abuse victim fund owned by the Boyscout of America. The payout will be determined by the total asset of the Boyscout of America and the money they owe other organizations.

Why do I need to file a claim?

Filling a claim against the Boyscout of America helps you to recover from your trauma by giving you a sense of closure. It also holds the organization accountable for not protecting you as a child which is against their code of conduct. More so, it sets you free, helps you build your confidence, protects against future abuse, and sends a warning signal to other scoutmaster and volunteers who want to carry out this disgusting act in the organization.

Can I still file a claim if I can’t remember the details of the abuse?

Yes, you don’t need to remember all the details of the abuse before filing for a claim. Write down the ones you remember. The court and counsel will decide if your claim is worth compensating or not. Also, you can ask an attorney for advice on the type of information to write down.

Do I need a lawyer to file for a claim?

It is not mandatory as you can file the claim on your own. However, if you don’t remember the details of the abuse or you have difficulties understanding the filling process, you can seek advice from a personal injury lawyer. Also, it is important to use a lawyer that has experience in a sexual abuse case and does not charge you upfront but only gets paid when you receive your settlement.

How long is the process?

The process might take months to a year. It will only be granted when the Boyscout of America resolve their debt and come out of bankruptcy.

Is my claim confidential?

Your sexual abuse claim is very confidential. You should not be silent about your abuse and your predator should never go unpunished. Hence, if you are one of the Boys Scout sexual abuse survivors, contact a personal injury today, before it is too late!