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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Mortgage Help

Many homeowners are affected by the devastating impact of coronavirus, or COVID-19. The IPG Law Group is here to help. Our staff will navigate you through the mortgage relief process and address other financial challenges you may have due to COVID-19.

Small Business Loan Help

If your small business has been negatively affected by Coronavirus / COVID-19, the IPG Law Group offers the financial help YOU need. We offer a complete package meeting all of the bank's requirements, compliant with all regulations. We will work to get the financial support you need.​


IPG Law Group will help with Personal and Institutional Injury. Personal Injury Law is one that is dynamic, with changes constant changes that may impact your case. We handling everything: - Litigation - Workman's Compensation - Class Action


Baby powder spill out of a bottle

Talcum Powder Lawsuits

Johnson & Johnson, a "trusted" company, has been the target of substantial lawsuits and awards to women who suffered injury and death from the use of talcum baby powder. Johnson & Johnson even targeted women of color in marketing campaigns after learning of these risks. 

30% Increase In Cancer Risk

If you were a regular user of talcum powder for personal hygiene and have been diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer we are here to help. Fill out your free case evaluation and get the help you need.

Zantac linked to cancer

Popular Anti-Acid Linked to Cancer Risk

Zantac (ranitidine hydrochloride) has been on the market since the 80s, as both a prescription and over the counter medication. Zantac is often used treat acid refluxheartburn, and other stomach, throat, and gastrointestinal issues. Zantac has also been used as an allergy treatment. Now an FDA Recall has put a spotlight on the pe

IPG Law is ready to help.

Cancers Linked to Zantac

Bladder cancer, Colon and rectal cancers, Esophageal and stomach cancers, Intestinal cancers, Kidney cancers, Liver cancers, Lung cancers in non-smokers, Ovarian and uterine cancers, Pancreatic cancers, Prostate cancers, Testicular cancers, Thyroid cancers.

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Most law firms, by and large, share a reasonably similar model: A prospective client comes in with a problem in need of solving, and the firm responds to that individual case by marshaling the appropriate resources to help the client attempt to find the resolution he or she seeks. The principals of IPG Law Group Inc. believe there is a better way.  

IPG Law Group focuses on the path forward to find the best possible outcome for our clients. As a “boutique” firm, we don’t try to be all things to all people. IPG’s expertise is in developing the case, doing the research, and finding the most qualified litigation firm to partner with so that the people who were harmed can have the justice they deserve. Dealing with IPG means being part of a family, not a nameless cog in massive and impersonal corporate wheel.
IPG believes their model is the prototype for law firms of the future. With this forward-looking model in mind, IPG recently made two moves to accelerate growth. 



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